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D.S.Acute and Chronic Pain

I highly recommend Nicole to anyone experiencing physical and/or emotional stress

I have been going to Nicole for the past five months and I highly recommend her acupuncture treatments. I have had treatments in the past with a number of acupuncturists, but Nicole is the only one I have chosen to come back to for weekly treatments.

She really listens to what is bothering you and creates a specialized treatment unique to your needs. Every appointment is different than the last and even if she is treating the same issue she manages to incorporate a new technique or twist to further your healing. Nicole is always interested in learning and listening to her patients and it really shows in the quality of care she provides. I highly recommend Nicole to anyone experiencing physical and/or emotional stress. She will not disappoint!

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Every time I see Nicole I feel like I am wrapped up in her warm, supportive energy.

I started seeing her when I was trying to conceive and continued through my pregnancy. I have felt calm, healthy and supported in her care. She starts each session by listening to how I feel that and what type of support I need. I would highly recommend Nicole for any acupuncture/herbal needs.

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E.S.Acute and Chronic Pain

After only a few sessions, I started to see amazing results

Working with Nicole has been life changing for my chronic health issues. Not only is she a true expert, but also a wonderful, kind person that listens to all of your health needs - even if they are constantly changing. After only a few sessions, I started to see amazing results. She is also very flexible with scheduling and takes most insurance. If you are looking for an acupuncturist - go to Nicole!

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C.P.Sleep and Insomnia

Highlight of my day

Nicole helped me with solid sensible advice and acupuncture to lesson the effect of my insomnia. The appointments were always the highlight of my day, allowing me to relax my busy mind.

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E.B.Acute and Chronic Pain

Greatly helped alleviate pain

Could not recommend more highly! Acupuncture treatments have greatly helped alleviate pain. I always feel comfortable discussing my health and asking questions, and I really appreciate knowing that the treatment is tailored to my specific needs!

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N.S.Women's Health

Her approach is collaborative

Nicole is extremely knowledgeable and caring. Her approach is collaborative—she always asks questions to understand what is going on with her patients and what their needs are. I am never more calm and centered than after a session with her. I highly recommend Nicole.

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R.M.Prenatal and Postpartum Care

Acupuncture for birth induction

I went to Nicole for induction acupuncture. I was overdue to deliver my baby and trying to avoid a medicated induction. Nicole was lovely, fitting me in right away and taking a thorough history. I went into labor within 24 hours after the appointment and gave birth to my son easily and rapidly the next day! I have now successfully induced labor through acupuncture twice for both of my children. I highly recommend Nicole as a skilled practitioner in this area if you are looking for prenatal, induction, or postnatal care.

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E.A.Women's Health

I saw nearly instant results

I’ve been looking for an acupuncturist for years in DC, and to say Nicole was worth the wait to find is an understatement! She listens to concerns, collaborates on the best treatment, and works with me on how to get the most out of it with so much kindness and care. She knows what I need even when I don’t! I saw nearly instant results to address inflammation issues, and each time I go, it gets better and better. I can’t recommend Nicole and her practice enough!

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B.M.Mental and Emotional Health

I leave our sessions feeling calm and more in tune with my body

Introduced to the benefits of acupuncture treatment several years ago for pain management, I decided to try it again when experiencing increased levels of stress and anxiety in the form of brain fog, acid reflux, and nausea. An internet search for a local acupuncture practitioner led me to Nicole’s website and I was able to schedule an appointment the same day.

Now as a patient for many years, I am continually grateful for finding Nicole. A skilled acupuncturist that is passionate about her work, I continue to experience physical and emotional benefit from her knowledge of different modalities. Nicole is an intuitive healer. I leave our sessions feeling calm and more in tune with my body. I highly recommend Nicole as a practitioner.

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J.M.Prenatal and Postpartum Care

Can't imagine going through my first pregnancy without her!

I started seeing Nicole toward the end of my first trimester. Over the last 5-6 months she's carefully listened and addressed so many of my physical (upper back/neck tension, lower back aches) and emotional (work and first pregnancy stress) concerns. I notice the days after I see her much of these aches and pains are less pronounced. I can't imagine going through my first pregnancy without her! She's a kind, open, and compassionate provider. Highly recommend!

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T.M.Prenatal and Postpartum Care

Carried my baby to a full term!

My husband gave me a trial acupuncture session with Nicole as my birthday present. At the time my main concern was my hormones and my anxiety as I had a miscarriage earlier that year and thought I might try something different first before possibly turning to conventional medical screening and fertility medications. I became pregnant that same month when I had the first acupuncture treatment with Nicole and carried my baby to a full term!

I saw Nicole again after I developed a huge breast abscess while nursing, went through a course of aggressive antibiotics and had the abscess surgically aspirated several times. Nicole gave me follow-up acupuncture treatments specifically for my condition and prescribed Chinese herbal formula for elimination of breast abscess which was also a galactagogue. I continued my treatment and was able to breastfeed my baby again!

I am truly impressed with Nicole’s holistic approach and techniques and would recommend her without reservation to women who have suffered the same issues.

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V.N.Acute and Chronic Pain

My pain level has noticeably decreased

I started going to Nicole about 4 months ago for a chronic neck pain. Since I have been getting acupuncture I can say my pain level has noticeably decreased.

In fact during one treatment I mentioned to Nicole that my sciatica was acting up. She gave me a treatment that day for the sciatica and to my amazement the pain of sciatica abated by that evening.

I highly recommend Nicole. She is extremely pleasant in nature and is very knowledgeable about the practice of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

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L.B.Acute and Chronic Pain

Alleviated my pain within the first few months

I started going to Nicole due to lower back pain. She was able to alleviate my pain within the first few months. I continue to go back for other issues that come up from time to time like balance, anxiety, and muscle tightness. She balances empathy with professionalism. I would recommend her to others. Nicole is great acupuncturist and I love that she takes my health insurance!

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K.W.Acute and Chronic Pain

By the end of the first session, I felt like a new person

I have chronic tendonitis in my wrists and by the time I got to DC, they were in the worst condition they had been in for several years. By the end of the first session, I felt like a new person. Beyond my wrists, Nicole always went out of her way to make sure that my whole body was doing well.

The treatments themselves did a lot, but even just talking things through with Nicole was extremely helpful—she gives really good and thoughtful advice, and is just generally super nice! I can’t recommend her enough.

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E.R.Acute and Chronic Pain

I wish I had gone to Nicole in the very beginning

Nicole is hands down A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and I highly recommend her! She is equal parts acupuncturist, therapist, and general caregiver. She very quickly became my most trusted medical adviser because she is truly caring and honest.

I came to Nicole with chronic back problems—which has never gotten any better after years of conventional medicine. Within a few visits, Nicole had put me on the path to recovery and was able to identify a number of factors that were likely causing the underlying pain. I wish I had gone to Nicole in the very beginning.

If you are considering acupuncture, go see Nicole!

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P.M.M.Acute and Chronic Pain

Felt relief immediately following my first session

Highly recommend! I started going to Nicole upon a recommendation from my partner who has also seen her previously. I was experiencing extreme lower back and hip flexor pain caused by my work-from-home set up and I'm so glad I came in. Nicole is clearly very knowledgeable not only of acupuncture but also of cupping, massage therapy, herbs, and essential oils all of which she considers when deciding the right treatment for you. I felt relief immediately following my first session and have been back every week for approximately 3 months, though we're moving to less frequent sessions because we've both agreed I've improved!

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P.E.Acute and Chronic Pain

The only thing that makes significant improvements

Nicole is amazing! I've had back pains for years which only worsened during the pandemic. My very busy work schedule means I am not able to exercise as often as I would like so my back has only gotten worse.

I've been seeing Nicole for many months now and it amazes me how every time after an acupuncture session, the pain in my back just goes away almost immediately. Given the restrictions in my time and energy, it's the only thing that makes any significant improvements. It has quite literally changed my everyday life so I can't be more thankful!

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E.M.Acute and Chronic Pain

Acupuncture has changed my life

I've had chronic neck pain for many years. Physical therapy and meds has helped, but I had always wondered about acupuncture. My first time going was with Nicole and it has changed my life. I feel like I've finally found a healthy long term pain management solution.

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L.B.Mental and Emotional Health

Nicole is the right person to help put you on track to overall well-being

Nicole is an excellent acupuncturist with a truly healing practice. The physical space lends itself well to the deep understanding and sincere empathy that Nicole exhibits. Whether you need the healing power to deal with general malaise or a physical ailment, Nicole is the right person to help put you on track to overall well-being.

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A.O.Women's Health

I leave feeling physically better and mentally at peace

Nicole is the first acupuncturist I’ve ever seen and my visits with her have been transformative. She listens carefully and plans your treatment for both your short and long-term concerns. After every session, I leave feeling physically better and mentally at peace. After several sessions, I’ve felt marked improvement in my pain and better clarity of mind. She has also been very patient introducing me to acupuncture and explaining points whenever I’m curious. Billing, insurance, and scheduling have all been a breeze as well. Strongest of recommendations - go see Nicole!

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R.M.Mental and Emotional Health

I walk out feeling calm, relaxed, and rejuvenated

Nicole is fabulous! As an acupuncturist she is professional, talented and kind. I have tried using several other acupuncture practitioners in D.C. and nobody is comparable to Nicole.

Every time I have done acupuncture with Nicole I walk out feeling calm, relaxed, and rejuvenated. What makes Nicole special is that she is invested as a therapist and she takes the time to make each session unique and special. She is insightful and intelligent and I love that she is able to give me her perspective. I highly recommend trying an acupuncture session with Nicole. Your mind and body will thank you!

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J.K.Women's Health

Nicole connects on a deeper level

Nicole is an acupuncturist who is not only highly professional with a depth of knowledge to address a variety of health concerns, but she also clearly cares about the overall wellbeing those she treats. I truly appreciate how she connects on a deeper level to develop an individualized approach for each person's unique needs.

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D.R.Acute and Chronic Pain

Working with Nicole has undoubtedly improved my quality of life

Working with Nicole has undoubtedly improved my quality of life. Nicole creates a very calming and relaxed space where you feel heard and know your privacy is valued.

Her assistance has helped provide relief for the symptoms of TMJ (which had begun to impact my vision) and the overall stress and tension that causes those symptoms. When I experienced an asthma flare-up she provided recommendations for useful Qi Gong exercises, oils, as well as providing energy and acupuncture work to help me deal with it, which is the quickest I’ve ever been able to master asthma symptoms.

The most dramatic difference however was the work that Nicole has done on my digestive tract. Worrying about my digestion was part of my daily life and now, with regular visits with Nicole, this part of my life feels entirely under control. I am unendingly grateful for the difference working with Nicole has made to my overall health and wellness.

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C.L.Mental and Emotional Health

I felt safe, comfortable, and well taken care of

I have been seeing Nicole for acupuncture treatments over the course of several years now. She is absolutely a gifted, sensitive healer and practitioner with a great depth of knowledge. She is highly attuned to the needs of her patients.

From my very first visit with Nicole, I felt safe, comfortable, and well taken care of. She is gentle and insightful in her treatments and I feel like she really takes the time to consider the best overall approach for each given session. Every session is unique.

For sure you will feel better and will have learned something new after an acupuncture session with Nicole! I highly, highly recommend her! She’s one of the best. If you live in or are visiting the DC metro area, Nicole is the one to go to!

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T.M.Acute and Chronic Pain

Within a few months, my ​​interstitial cystitis (IC) pain began to diminish

​​Interstitial cystitis (IC) is a tricky condition. It’s tough to diagnose because it has such a wide range of symptoms and severity. It is considered incurable and its causes are unknown. In my case, it was extremely painful and debilitating. Once I was correctly diagnosed with IC, I found a lack of promising treatment options being offered by conventional medicine. Out of desperation, I contacted Nicole and asked her if she knew of any successes treating IC with acupuncture. She said she did not, but that she would do some research and get back to me.

Within a week she designed a treatment plan for me, and I started seeing her immediately. Within a few months my IC pain began to diminish. Gradually, over the course of the next few months of treatment, all of my IC pain disappeared, and I have been living without any IC symptoms since. If you have IC, or know anyone who has IC, you will understand how grateful I am that Nicole was willing and able to treat me for this rare and difficult condition. Nicole is a gifted and resourceful healer—and a wonderful person. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

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M.K.S.Acute and Chronic Pain


After four months of acupuncture care, what I notice the most is PROGRESS!!!! I have a combination of bladder and pelvic floor spasms that started suddenly and were true quality of life concerns. My symptoms were taking over and I was losing control of my normal life. Luckily I have a great doctor who recommended Nicole to add acupuncture to my treatment plans. The first thing that I noticed was that I slept a little better on the days I had treatment. Now I have an increasing number of “better” days than when I started . I have so much more progress to make, but when I think back to my first visit, it is amazing how far we have come!

As soon as I met Nicole, I knew that she was going to be the one who would help the most. She is kind, caring, and willing to investigate your particular issue to create the best treatment plan. She also maintains an enthusiastic attitude about your body’s ability to heal. I tell everyone how lucky I am to have great doctors, but Nicole is the best resource I have found in my process for my well-being. Her treatments have gone beyond traditional acupuncture. Nicole works on my whole body as well as making sure my mind can find calmness so the body can focus on healing. She continues to teach me more about my body at every visit. Nicole makes you feel safe, gives you hope and creates a healing journey for your whole body. I encourage anyone thinking about trying acupuncture to meet Nicole. She will change your body for the better!! She is THE BEST!!!

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